Join us Sundays, 10:00 am – 11:00 am

We gather for worship in the Sanctuary. Our service incorporates elements from many Christian traditions from across the globe as we seek to gather for intercultural, multigenerational worship. Children are welcome to stay in the service the entire time with their families or are invited to join our educators for Church School in our education wing. Either option is available depending on the family’s need.


baptismAs the outward signs of inner grace, the sacraments hold a sacred place in our worship life. Our Protestant tradition grants us two holy sacraments: baptism and eucharist.

In baptism, we are named and marked with the seal of Christ once and for all.

Eucharist is the Christian ceremony commemorating the Last Supper, in which bread and wine are consecrated and consumed.  At The Table, we receive Christ at an open table. This means that anyone wishing to know the presence of Christ is welcome to come forward at communion. And we mean: anyone.

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For families looking to baptize their child, the meeting helps the family understand the important commitment that you are making on behalf of the child and to think through how you will live out the promises made to God in baptism.






Evensong meets monthly every 2nd Wednesday,  at 6 pm for 45 minutes in the Sanctuary. .  All are welcome to attend for a contemplative service of prayer, meditation and music.  It is a quiet calming service to help us deal with the world around us.  We hope you will find it to be a refreshing respite in the middle of a busy week.