Join us Sundays, 10:00 am – 11:00 am

We gather for worship in the Sanctuary. Our service incorporates elements from many Christian traditions from across the globe as we seek to gather for intercultural, multigenerational worship. Children are welcome to stay in the service the entire time with their families or are invited to join our educators for Church School in our education wing. Either option is available depending on the family’s need.


As the outward signs of inner grace, the sacraments hold a sacred place in our worship life. Our Protestant tradition grants us two holy sacraments: baptism and eucharist.

In baptism, we are named and marked with the seal of Christ once and for all.

At the Lord’s Table, we receive Christ at an open table. This means that anyone wishing to know the presence of Christ is welcome forward at communion. And we mean: anyone. The Christian church has long debated who is welcome at the table. We weigh in with the simple question: who would Jesus turn away? and have prayerfully concluded that since Jesus didn’t turn anyone away, neither will we.

worship 1If you are interested in learning more about the sacrament of baptism – pursuing it yourself or for your child – please contact our office to set up an appointment with our Pastor, who will gladly meet with you – even if you’ve never met before.

This meeting takes different shapes. For adults, you will work together to discuss and map out the journey to your baptism. You’ll explore how this ultimate cleansing ritual will offer you new grace. You might even decide on a spiritual learning plan that explores some issue that you’ve been hoping for help with.

For families looking to baptize their child, the meeting helps the family understand the important commitment that you are making on behalf of the child and to think through how you will live out the promises made to God in baptism. Meanwhile, in baptizing at our church, we  will make promises to you: to join you in your journey with Christ in spirit and love. What could be more beautiful? Know that we do not have baptism requirements for parents wishing to baptize their child. (For example, if one parent is baptized and the other is not, the child is still welcome to be baptized.)

Several members of our community hold affiliation with the Roman Catholic Church. Know that by the Common Agreement on Mutual Recognition of Baptism between the Roman Catholic Church and the Reformed Churches (of which our denomination, the United Church of Christ is a part), a baptism offered at our church is certainly recognized by the Roman Catholic Church. The same recognition is true for a baptism offered at our church with most other Protestant churches (Anglican/Episcopal traditions, Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, and many others). Churches that tend not to accept our baptism (particularly of a child) would be those that do not affirm the baptism of infants and young children (such as most Baptist and Pentecostal traditions). Those churches typically would offer and require another baptism at maturity.

We believe in one baptism for a lifetime. If you have been baptized, we recognize your baptism.

Many people prefer to wait until children are older and can make their own decisions about baptism. We have several members of our community who have pursued this path. Yet, they wish to explore a ritual that presents their child to a faith community. If this is something you might want to consider further, we do offer naming ceremonies and infant dedications. Contact us to consider what might be right for you and your family.

As you can see, there are many ritual options available. Come worship with us, talk to us, to explore where God is calling you now.