Make a Commitment


Many in our community have pledged already. Thank you! If you haven’t yet, we invite you to make your pledge by paper or you can pledge online here.

You might opt to continue your current method of giving. If you prefer to give electronically, we invite you to set up recurring payments (weekly or monthly) here. (Please note that we are charged around 3% for these payments, so if you’d adjust your gift accordingly that would be helpful).

Pledge cards are also available at the church.

Why should I pledge? What does that mean?

In essence, our pledges help the church to know how many resources we have to structure our services to the community. The people who pledge to our church commit to financially support the church for the year (January to December). When we pledge, we make a promise to each other and to God. It is more than a transaction – it’s a way of life, of living generously, of saying that someone can count on us.

How much should I give?

You are invited to give in the way you feel called to share. A good calculation is a percentage of your income. Some in our community give a traditional “tithe” of 10% of their income. For others, 10% is not possible, but they work at building towards that over time as a matter of deepening in their sense of faithful giving and generosity. Still others, particularly for people on fixed incomes, will never give 10% but are being incredibly generous at 2%. Finally, many people look at their budgets and see where there is room to share and determine an amount that they can reasonably share without facing financial hardship. Whatever you decide to give, the goal is to experience it as an act of spiritual connection, a chance to live and give in thanks for all that God has given you.

What am I giving to?

We raise what we spend every year. We do not live off of an endowment or legacy funds. The church is able to do its work based on what people decide to give each year. This changes from year to year.

The vast majority of our giving goes to helping people. We pay our minister who spends 80% of her time giving direct help to people in need and building the community that extends that help. We pay to maintain our space that offers a place to bring people together in community. We pay to educate our children and to offer some of the lower-cost, highest-quality early childhood education in East County. And we pay to have consistently transformational encounters with the divine in our weekly Sunday worship.

Why should I give?

East County needs a church like ours to speak a message of love, welcome and inclusion. San Diego needs a church like ours that offers a different way, learning and growing in faith together to be better, to improve lives. We are a spiritual home that holds a special place in each other’s lives. Together, we do what we can’t do alone. That doing requires a sharing of resources – we belong to one another. And we give in a spirit of thanks.

Does the church spend wisely?

We have a very transparent system of financial decision-making and accountability. Ministries are funded by our budget, prayed over carefully and approved by the congregation. We perform an audit of our finances every other year. Our expenditures are reviewed by a Council of laypeople each month and this information is available and open for review and scrutiny. Together we decide what is best to make faithful use of the money with which our donors have entrusted us.

How do I make a pledge?

You can download our pledge card here or call the office and ask for one at 619.464.1519. During Stewardship season, we have printed pledge cards available at Sunday worship services.

I need more help!

There’s no shame in being confused or concerned about how to pledge. Our pastor would be more than happy to have a non-judgmental conversation with you about how to structure your giving. You can also feel free to ask anyone who already gives. Pray about it. More than anything, please pray for our church as it seeks to serve faithfully with all of the pledges so generously offered each year.




Many thanks to the people of First Church, Cambridge, who inspired the content of this page.