Legacy Giving


Leaving a Legacy


The Table: La Mesa United Church of Christ is pleased to announce the launching of the renewed Legacy Society and we invite you to participate as a Charter Member. The Legacy Society is created to honor those who are remembering the church by leaving a bequest or making a planned gift in their financial or estate planning arrangements directly to the church.


If you have already named our church in your will we would like to hear from you so we can welcome you as a Charter Member of the Legacy Society.


Members of the Legacy Society will be recognized in Legacy Society and church materials. There will be an annual spring reception to honor established members and welcome new members. You will receive a letter of appreciation from our pastor and be invited to an annual appreciation event hosted by the Church Council, in late spring.


If you agree, your name(s) will be posted in the Vision and Voice when you become a member of the Legacy Society.


For more information or to discuss the various ways you can thoughtfully include the church in your planning, please contact the Legacy Society chair, Connie A. Burnside (619-669-5864 or bkaleg.connie@gmail.com).






Legacy Society

Team:                                                                         Ex-Officio:

Connie A. Burnside, Chair                                        The Rev. Kaji Douša, Senior Minister

Lawson R. Kendall, C.P.A.                                          Becky Motlagh, Moderator

Al James,  Chair, Annual Giving                                Estelle Voelker, Fin. Secy.

Houston Burnside, Publishing

Rinda Young, Events


The Table:

United Church of Christ of La Mesa

5940 Kelton Avenue

La Mesa, California 91942-2836

(619) 464-1519

Website: www.www.tableucc.com

E-mail: officeucclm@gmail.com




Ways to Give a Legacy Gift        


There are various ways you can plan for a legacy gift to our church that will benefit the church as well as the plans you are making for your estate. Through planned giving, you can assure that a gift from your heart can also provide tax income benefits to you and your family.


A bequest is a thoughtful gift that can provide a charitable deduction for your estate and can easily be accomplished in several ways:


  • By having language added in your will or living trust that directs a percentage of assets a certain amount or the residual value of your estate to UCCLM;
  • By naming UCCLM as a beneficiary or contingent beneficiary in a life insurance policy or annuity;
  • By naming UCCLM as a beneficiary or contingent beneficiary of your IRA or other retirement plan assets.


Charitable trusts, gift annuities and other gift arrangements created to benefit UCCLM can also provide income for you, now or later, and current and estate tax benefits for you and your heirs.


We appreciate your consideration to remember UCCLM in your planning. Please contact the church office for additional information. You may wish to consult with your professional advisors on how you can benefit.



The Table United Church of Christ of La Mesa

5940 Kelton Avenue

La Mesa, CA 91942-2836







Please let us hear from you!



_______    I have included UCCLM in my financial or estate plan.  Please recognize me as a Charter member of the Legacy Society.


_______   I would like to learn more about the various ways I can make a legacy gift to The Table: United Church of Christ of La Mesa.



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Print name as you wish to be listed as a Charter Member of the Legacy Society.




Legacy gifts can include bequests in wills or trusts, life insurance and annuities, IRA’s and retirement plans, charitable trusts and other arrangements. There is no minimum for your legacy gift.  This information is not legally binding and you can change your gift at any time.  Thank you!