Supporting our church helps to sustain the ongoing ministry of this community. As you are so inspired, we are so grateful.

You can use the online apps below ( for recurring gifts or PayPal) to set up a one time or ongoing contribution or contact our pastor about making a direct gift. Thank you for your support!


If you would like more information on how to make a pledge of a financial commitment to the church, please click here

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If you would like more information on how to set aside a portion of your accumulated assets for our church through our legacy giving program, click here.


What do we do with the financial gifts we’re given?  Our gifts go to the following areas:

Worship – 33%

Worshiping God is the heart of our church’s life together and, appropriately, is our largest expenditure. Shaped by our Worship Planning Team and supported by the members of the Diaconate, the expenditures related to this include our musicians’ salaries, 30% of our pastor’s time and 40% of our Youth & Office Coordinator’s time. This also includes supplies used from Sunday to Sunday & for special services.

Care and Counseling for People in Need – 18%

As opportunities for care arise within our church and in the broader community, our pastor and the Visitation Team respond. Pastoral care makes up approximately 40% of our Pastor’s time.

Facilities – 15%

Maintenance and upkeep of our properties, including the church building, Charley Brown Children’s Center and our parsonage, make up approximately 15% of our budget. The Trustees oversee this ministry.

Teaching and Nurturing – 10%

Christian Discipleship is about reflecting, learning and growing in the knowledge of God’s love. As we build towards this discipleship for our children, we also offer a nurturing ministry to the youngest. Guided by the work of our Christian Education ministry, our discipleship expenses include 40% of our Youth & Office Coordinator’s salary, church school curriculum and supplies and special events targeted to young people and their families. This makes up approximately 10% of our budget.

 Justice & Wider Church Missions – 9%

Justice and generosity are amongst our firmest commitments. Our giving to the wider church and world includes the local and national settings of our denomination. Our national setting offers global missions. This also includes justice advocacy organizations with which we partner locally, and the San Diego Partnership of United Church of Christ congregations. This accounts for about 10% of our Pastor’s time.

Reaching and Building Community – 1%

Many of the expenses related to hospitality and community building are offered as in-kind donations, which allows it to make up just under 1% of our budget. The ministries related to this work are offered by our Membership & Fellowship committee.

Administration – 18%

The main investment we make in the administration of the church is in communications, including weekly and monthly newsletters, electronic, paper and voice correspondence. This also includes management and personnel concerns. This accounts for approximately 20% of our pastor’s time and 15% of our youth and office coordinator’s time.