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Refreshing Our Souls

August 12, 2018   Psalm 23 is perhaps the most well-known text from the Bible. It shows up in popular culture—Musicians from Bach to the Grateful Dead to Jay-Z have sampled or mixed the words of this psalm, originally a song, into their songs. Perhaps one of the most remixed of songs is in fact not only ancient, but from… Read more →

Earth Day 2018

Rev. Paula J. Elizabeth                   Genesis 1:1-25, 1John 3:18   The following quote was from a recent  Michael Piazza Liberating Word daily email: “A tobacco industry lobbyist is about to become president of the American Cancer Society. That, of course, is fake news, but it is a great parallel illustration to the truth… Read more →

New Life

Rev. Paula J. Elizabeth    March 4, 2018 3rd Sunday in Lent, Communion Sunday   Ross and I just started watching Downton Abbey.  Spoiler alert, we don’t want to know what we don’t know yet. We’re only beginning the 5th season of the 12 year show. It is now shortly after WWI. However, from the beginning the viewer is introduced to… Read more →

Loving the Other

Rev. Paula J. Elizabeth                  February 25, 2018         Lenten Mash-up (2)   Doing a sermon series on anything is intense.  From the beginning of contemplating the theme, throughout the planning and the research, then onto the writing of it for weeks and weeks – I tend to drown in the essence of the essence.   So – this… Read more →

Give it Up!

Rev. Paula J. Elizabeth                        February 18, 2018 1st Sunday in Lent                              Lenten Preaching Series Overview   There is worship, and there is worship.  There is following God and God’s ways, and there is giving lip service to God and to God’s ways and then going one’s… Read more →

A New Prophet        

Rev. Paula J. Elizabeth                            January 28, 2018 Deuteronomy 18:15-18 Prophets have existed from the dawn of time. Known in different cultures by different names. They can be people, groups, organizations. Prophets speak the Truth with a capitol T. The United Church of Christ has been, and continues to be, a prophetic voice, denomination, organization in the world. The leaders within… Read more →