Author: The Table Editor

Be Opened

Mark 7:24-37 Sept 9, 2018   Have you ever felt like you had the comfort of clear-cut beliefs? Simple answers to what seemed to be straightforward questions?   When I was younger, I lived in Turkey for a while. sometimes I wish I could do it all over, because I could have dived so much more deeply into the culture… Read more →

Refreshing Our Souls

August 12, 2018   Psalm 23 is perhaps the most well-known text from the Bible. It shows up in popular culture—Musicians from Bach to the Grateful Dead to Jay-Z have sampled or mixed the words of this psalm, originally a song, into their songs. Perhaps one of the most remixed of songs is in fact not only ancient, but from… Read more →

A Gift for Pastor Kelly

The children and youth of The Table presented a welcome gift to Pastor Kelly on Welcome me Sunday September 9.  The quilt was started July 8th on Waffle Church Sunday.  Children made unique blocks, a basket of flowers block was added, and the church Prayers and Squares Ministry put the quilt together.  All the children tied the the quilt ties… Read more →

Rise Up Dry Bones, Rise Up!

Pentecost               Rev. Paula J. Elizabeth                 Ezekiel 37:1-14   On Pentecost we revel in the story of the birth of church, the coming of the Spirit upon all present, the speaking in tongues that all understood. Pentecost is the celebration of the birth of the Church and the… Read more →

Earth Day 2018

Rev. Paula J. Elizabeth                   Genesis 1:1-25, 1John 3:18   The following quote was from a recent  Michael Piazza Liberating Word daily email: “A tobacco industry lobbyist is about to become president of the American Cancer Society. That, of course, is fake news, but it is a great parallel illustration to the truth… Read more →

Introducing Reverend Kelly Ryan

New Senior Minister –The Table -United Church of Christ of La Mesa To begin August 12, 2018 We are thrilled to announce approval by the UCC La Mesa congregation to extend the call to Rev. Kelly Ryan.   The vote took place April 29, 2018. and was almost unanimous with one abstention. Pastor Kelly and her husband Jason Guy weathered a… Read more →