Author: The Table Editor

“Let There Be Light”

December 2, 2018 Luke 21:25-36   Advent is the beginning of the church year. You might think it would make sense to start with the triumph and fanfare of Easter, or the coming of the Spirit and the birth of the Church at Pentecost. But no, the church year begins with calamity. It might seem like a fantastically inauspicious place… Read more →

Showing Up For Each Other

Hospitality was serious business in Abraham’s setting. It would not be too dramatic to say practicing good hospitality was life or death. Located right between Asia and Africa, the land of Canaan was a major thoroughfare for travelers. In a time when life was already fairly touch-and-go and a new, unknown face was not typically reassuring, strangers were transformed into… Read more →

Whole. Life

Mark 12:38-44 November 11, 2018   Is anyone braced for this story during the Stewardship season? Starting to feel a little squirmy already, because you’ve heard this one before, and something always feels just a bit off? Perhaps you’ve heard this story before, and a sermon that praises the faithful generosity of the widow who gave all she had to… Read more →

Consolation and Connection

Revelation 21:1-6 November 4, 2018   Revelation is a book that many of us may keep at a distance. It’s the bonkers fever dream that caps off a nice narrative that’s been building of liberation, grace, and unconditional love. One commentator I came across this week called Revelation “a happy hunting ground for bigots and fanatics,” and the vivid, startling… Read more →

Those Who Won’t Be Silenced

Mark 10:46-52 October 28, 2018   I love the characters in the Gospels who are bold and loud for the sake of healing they know is theirs. For the sake of possibility in the realm Jesus is bringing. The way that Bartimaeus here refuses to be silenced reminds me of the Syrophoenician woman several chapters back—brave people who have a… Read more →

Communion: Holy and Humble Attention

Philippians 2:1-13 October 7, 2018: World Communion Sunday   For this World Communion Sunday, it’s about more than all these different kinds of bread. It’s more than even the connection of Christians across the world sharing this sacred meal together, even though that’s a very cool part of it too. For this moment, World Communion needs to be about how… Read more →

Sounding the Depths

Exodus 33:12-23 September 16, 2018 You’ve got to feel for Moses. He’s been called to do an entirely new thing. To be the conduit of liberation. The north Star of the dogged journey from slavery to freedom for all his people. and he knew it would be difficult—he argues with his God, Yahweh, about his fitness for this role often.… Read more →