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New Heavens and New Earth

Sermon by Re. Paula J. Elizabeth – given November 13, 2016 Isaiah 65: 17-25 The need for hope has never been greater! The need for us to be People of the Way, Followers of Jesus, has never been clearer! The need for listening, followed by action, has never been truer. We may fear the results of the presidential election. But… Read more →

A Sermon by Shelby Condray

The Choices We Make  Sunday, September 25, 2016 Row upon row of colored plastic and metal foil stretch out in front of me. Orange and yellow, red, green, and blue, gold and sparkling silver. Everything else fades into the background as my eyes take in the glorious plethora of options on display in front of me. I know that there are… Read more →

Without Walls

  Do you get the sense that things are coming to a boiling point. I’ve already boiled over. It could even be the frustrations of a news cycle that reveal bigotries and shallow principles for which I have zero tolerance.   It’s like the more I pay attention, the more walls I build. (And I’m one of the ones who… Read more →


Maybe you don’t know. But in popular parlance these days, “thirsty” is almost equivalent to… desperate. If you log onto Instagram and look up “thirsty”, you will see people who are in a place that’s almost embarrassing. They are beyond the standards of respectability and norms. And they “thirst” for more. For acceptance, acknowledgement, possibilities.   Jesus said: “I am… Read more →

Megalomaniacs Remember Jesus

  I am fascinated by what people say about Jesus.   In some ways, it can be such a delight – the highlight of my day, really – to hear how profoundly someone’s relationship with Jesus has changed their life.   Or, it can be…awful. It can be horrific to hear someone attribute the evils of their life to their… Read more →

Your Satisfaction Moment

  There’s a moment of rest I hope we all get, probably in the darkest hours of whatever represents our night (since some of us work at night). Patrik tells me he can tell when my rest moment comes; my body shakes just a little as the systems shut down and I enter into a deep, deep sleep.   We… Read more →


  What a week this has been. (Amen?!)   The news is terrible, for the most part. From the Supreme Court on immigration to Brexit, we lift up our heads and it feels like The Universe is slapping us in the face. And then, your pastor resigns. (And maybe you even like her.) Couple this with whatever complications you’re facing… Read more →

Braid the Cord

  Are you alone?   Do you have a sense of being lonely? On your own? Having to go your own way to get anything done?   When you come against a significant challenge, do you have somewhere to turn reflexively? Do you have someone you can reach out to for a conversation you don’t have to give much foresight… Read more →