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Mission InSite Reports

The Quick InSite Report 

The QuickInsite report is designed to provide a quick look at a geography defined by zip code. It provides an initial impression of a study area through a set of 12 demographic variables, the top 10 Mosaic Segments and 5 Religious Beliefs and Practices derived from the Simmons National Consumer research data.

The Impressions Report

The Impressions report is designed to give an ‘impression’ of a study area’s character. It has two parts, the first of which presents the study area’s likely overall mood and values. The second part presents a study area’s inclinations across a set of 10 polarities.

The ExecutiveInsite Report

This ExecutiveInsite Report has been prepared for United Church of Christ of La Mesa. Its purpose is to “tell the demographic story” of the defined geographic study area. ExecutiveInsite integrates narrative analysis with data tables and graphs. Playing on the report name, it includes 12 “Insites” into the study area’s story. It includes both demographic and beliefs and practices data.

The Quadrennium Report

The Quadrennium Project Report provides a projection of likely religious beliefs, preferences and practices for a defined study area. It is based upon the Quadrennium Project national survey conducted by MissionInsite. While general religious data is available through various organizations, only MissionInsite can provide local geography projections that are current.

The FullInsite Report

The NEW FullInsite report is designed to provide an extensive demographic portrait of a user defined geographic area. The New FullInsite integrates the full array of 2010 Census Data, the latest American Community Survey data and the new Experian Mosaic cluster system!